Health Benefits of Yoga Part 1 — Be Inspired..!!

Historically yoga was more than just a method of teaching; it was a way of life. You dedicated yourself to a lifestyle and culture that surpassed meditation techniques and included healthy eating habits, bathing habits, social interaction and work. Its philosophy is rooted in a physical culture of health and well-being that is still emphasised […]

Health Benefits of Yoga Part 1 — Be Inspired..!!

Mediterranean-inspired salmon — Constantly Cooking

Artichokes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes & capers big flavour boosters! This delicious dish is yet another one that can turn reluctant fish eaters into fish lovers, just like my fish with stuffing and vegetables. Mild-flavoured salmon readily absorbs all the delicious add-ins that make this meal so tasty; note that you can use fresh or frozen […]

Mediterranean-inspired salmon — Constantly Cooking

10 Amazing Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables — daneelyunus

Green leafy vegetables – Green leafy vegetables are an important healthy diet with great amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals but low in calories. It offers several benefits including lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. Green leafy vegetable are very important and having several advantages in every season. It has […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables — daneelyunus